Freight business solution


Research | User Flow | Wireframe | Visual Design | Logo Redesign


September – November, 2019.

What’s all this?

Logistics management system

Onboarding process challenges

In order to start designing first deliverables, journey maps and later on wireframes a lot of getting to know had to be done. It was quite a challenge to get familiar with how freight business works. A lot of information has to be provided to the customer and even more information needs to be collected to make a single freight transport booking. There are a lot of involved parties, internal processes and documentation.

Making it simple

Deciding when to show a piece of the data that Transportly handles in a right way was essential. In order to do that I have created a User Journey Map with an assigned list of all possible information attached to a single step. Then, working with my client, we have established priorities in each list. This process allowed me to put things in perspective and move from Journey Maps to Wireframes.

Freight business in a nutshell

Freight companies are companies that specialize in the moving (or “forwarding”) of freight, or cargo, from one place to another.

Freight brokers have a vast network and access to a library of freight carriers and search for the right availability based on customer specifications. These brokers also offer various value-added services that encompass transportation, logistics, and distribution. They engage in helping shippers find the best price with the best carrier for any given load.

Search and Book Sea, Air and Train logistics

Transportly help to manage freight sales and operations for forwarders all around the world, providing instantly searchable cargo rates with integrated direct-to-carrier eBooking.

Send and Track

Refreshingly easy logistics management with real-time tracking, updates, and proactive issue resolution from providers you can trust.

Technology that supports expertise

Effortless document management and communication with providers, backed by a team of experts.

Professional support

The support team is one message away to assist with every step of the delivery process, from paperwork to cargo release.


Basic shapes representing main logistics transportations. Universal signs that can be recognised all around the word.